Korea Travel Vlog : Seoul and Jeju Island


Returning from a bit of  hiatus from the blog, I’m happy to say that I have edited all of the bazillion video clips into a series of 3 travel vlogs. This would be my second time in South Korea in the last 3 years and I had a fantastic experience on both occasions. I appreciate the food, culture, shopping and fashion in South Korea, Seoul and most recently, Jeju Island. As a disclaimer, I am not totally new to the Korean culture as I enjoy K-POP, K-Dramas fashion and beauty.

I thought about writing a post about my experience, but I think I could go on forever! In any case, pictures and videos are worth a thousand words. Hope you enjoy watching the videos as much as I enjoyed making them!






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TRAVEL VLOG: Korea Part I – Seoul | Making Kimchi | Myeongdong

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TRAVEL VLOG: Korea Part II – Jeju Island | Beach | Lava Tubes | Innisfree Jeju House | Sunrise Peak

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TRAVEL VLOG: Korea Part III – Seoul | Food | Shopping in Hongdae | Dog Cafe

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